Whole-hearted purveyors of goodness. Seekers of not thrill, but of a deeper bucket to pour their heart into. Travelers with the aspirations to dig deep, to feel family, to love endlessly. My new friends: Brian, Nell, and Shelly. With smiles wider than Montana sky, we all hopped aboard a 14 hour flight from New York to Nairobi. We traded dreary clouds and the cold with afternoon rainstorms and beating sun; yet we were not the champions of this expedition.

The champions here - down a hopeful dirt path along rows of hand-plowed cornfields - amongst a maze of dirt paths - where running isn’t a chore; its a chance to explore - are the children who arrived here for a chance at a new life. They are the ones who smile through their chores, protecting each other from past lives in a pursuit to shine brighter in this world.